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Let us help you track your solid waste program’s compliance and outreach.

Recyclist is here to help.

Recyclist provides software solutions that track progress towards achieving waste reduction goals, as well as legislative mandates like California's SB 1383. 

We developed our software with two primary goals:

  1. Enable targeting and tracking of collaborative outreach efforts to waste generators
  2. Save program managers endless spreadsheet hours, freeing up time to do the important work of reducing waste.
A Program Tracker subscription will help you:
  • Manage unruly waste data
  • Centralize recordkeeping and reporting
  • Collaborate with multiple entities on outreach and new program roll-outs

To access our product preview videos and our shareable product info sheet, please fill out the contact form. 

Our team will reach out to schedule a call and answer any questions.

Fewer Spreadsheets, More Collaboration.

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